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Leadership Training

Thank you for serving on your BBM Leadership Team! You will play an important role in the strength and the growth of your BBM group.

The training materials for each Leadership Team position are located below. Before viewing your training video, you can print the training resources, or you may choose to pause the video and have them available to view online as they are referenced throughout the training session. The video may reference your “training folder”, but all documents referenced are now available here online. Some positions will also have one or more electronic files for your access following your training session to use and/or customize for your group.

Important File Details: Most files below are in a PDF format for you to view online. To customize these files, simply copy/paste the text to your own document. To save a PDF file, right-click (cntrl/click) and save to your desktop. Files marked with * are in a customizable file format. When selected, they will be sent directly to the Downloads folder on your computer so you may edit as needed. 


The Co-Leaders are critical to the group’s overall success. You will have a hand in all leadership areas and will make sure that meetings are well run and organized. Your energy and enthusiasm will be contagious to both your leadership team as well as to your membership! The position of Co-Leader is exciting and rewarding when done well. You will witness God’s hand at work in women’s lives!


Co-Leader Video: Session 1
Co-Leader Video: Session 2
Co-Leader Video: Session 3


The Treasurer Lead plays an important role by keeping your BBM program thriving well into the future. You will manage three main areas: collecting membership dues, keeping accurate financial reports, and maintaining group attendance records. The group could not exist without these behind the scenes efforts.


Treasurer Video


Communication in your group is critical for members to feel informed and connected to each other and to the overall objectives of BBM. Your position will manage three main areas: an optional group Facebook Page (or other social media site), a newsletter to be distributed at each meeting, and a Membership Guide for each member.

Communications Video


The Missions Lead will provide opportunities for women in your group to participate in a service project. Your enthusiasm for your group’s mission’s activities will be crucial in challenging your membership to step outside their comfort zone and stretch themselves in new ways.


Missions Video


The Hospitality Lead sets the tone of the meeting from the moment the women enter the room. You will manage three main areas: ensuring the room is prepared for each meeting, overseeing the food and beverage components, and organizing group outings. This position is critical in making members feel welcome and that a place has been prepared for each of them at every meeting.

Hospitality Video


The Table Leader provides the “glue” that holds BBM together as a small group lead within a larger group environment. The Table Leader helps to connect the women at their table, as well as support and encourage one another through all of life’s ups and downs. Your leadership is vital to the overall BBM experience as members seek to bond with their tablemates over the course of the year.


Table Leader Video