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Spreading the Word

We are so excited for you to share this program within your community and build your group membership. We hope these promotional tools will help you spread the word. It is so important to reach outside your church walls with this wonderful program. BBM is a great way to draw women and their families into your church.

The documents included below can be previewed online, or you may download and print them as you wish. Many documents are provided in an editable format, when appropriate, to allow you to customize them to fit your group.


BBM Informational Coffee

A BBM informational coffee is one of the most effective ways to quickly generate interest in your program. This could take place in one of your homes or at your church. Select a date and time and spread the word.

Informational Coffee Resources

Here are several items to assist you:

  • Sample Bulletin Announcement: Include an announcement like this in your church bulletin, newsletters, pastor emails, etc.
  • Coffee Bulletin Sample
  • Sample Email: Email any mothers within your church, and also reach those outside your current congregation by sending an email to your friends, neighbors, sports team moms, etc. Ask them to bring a friend!
  • Coffee Email Sample
  • BBM Large Postcards: A stack of promotional postcards is included in your BBM Launch Box. Use a portion of these large postcards to personally invite people – at the post office, doctor’s office, and carpool line. Be creative! On the back of the postcard there is a label area (sized for Avery 5160/8160 labels). Print labels with your coffee date, time, and location and adhere them to a select number of these postcards prior to handing them out. Perhaps allocate 30 of the postcards to your coffee promotion.
  • Coffee Script: Use this step by step coffee script as needed to provide the women a clear understanding of the BBM program and to create a big “buzz” about the Mother’s Day weekend registration launch. As you review the script, note the references to the following handouts, some of which you may want to print out in advance for your guests.
  • Coffee Script* | Get to Know You | Sample Agenda | Speaker Topics | Leadership Job Descriptions
  • Interest Cards: Hand out an Interest Card to each guest near the end of the coffee. You can send a reminder as your registration kick off draws near as well as follow up with those interested in any remaining leadership opportunities.
  • Interest Cards*

All files marked with an * are provided in a customizable format and will be sent directly to your Downloads folder.
All PDF files will open for you to view online. To download, right-click (
cntrl/click), and save to your desktop.


Registration Kick Off Weekend Preparation

Schedule a registration kick off weekend! This is an ideal time to make a big pink splash in your church and to begin registering members for the new BBM year. Mother’s Day weekend in early May is a fabulous weekend for your kick off. Mothers in churches around the country will be wearing pink and generating excitement for their BBM program during this weekend.

Registration Weekend Resources
  • BBM Large Postcards: The remainder of your promotional postcards can be given to your leadership team to distribute to their friends and colleagues. You will want to print and adhere new white labels (Avery 5160/8160) with your church information and a BBM contact name, email/phone number.
  • Promotional Text Samples: These sample promotional blurbs are some suggestions for when, where and what to publish to generate excitement for your registration kick off.
  • Promotional Text Samples
  • Your BBM Launch Box: Your BBM Launch Box is shipped to you after your Partnership registration. This box of goodies will contain useful items and decorations for your kick-off weekend!
  • BBM Launch Box
  • Registration Samples: You’ll want to create a form for member registration, as well as a means of tracking your membership (online options are ideal if there is a registration system available in your church.) We’ve provided a sample printed registration form and a sample manual registration-tracking document. You may customize these as appropriate to meet your needs.
  • BBM Registration Sample| Registration Tracking Sample*

All files marked with an * are provided in a customizable format and will be sent directly to your Downloads folder.
All PDF files will open for you to view online. To download, right-click (
cntrl/click), and save to your desktop.


Ongoing Promotions & BBM Artwork

Once you have completed your registration kick off weekend, don’t stop spreading the word! You will want to continue to advertise your new BBM group for the next several weeks — until it’s filled or until your first meeting. Use these promotional tools to assist you!

Promotional Resources
  • Promotional Text Samples: Continue to use this same sample text for the next several weeks. Just edit the call to action to meet your needs.
  • Promotional Text Samples
  • BBM: An Invitation Video: This short video, which is a DVD included in your BBM Launch Box, provides a great introduction to the BBM program. Show this video in your narthex, classrooms, etc. to generate interest among prospective members. BBM: An Invitation can also be viewed online.
  • BBM Large Postcards: This print-ready version of the BBM Postcard can be duplicated in your church or by a local printer and distributed to moms around your community.
  • BBM Large Postcard – Print Ready
  • BBM Information Cards: The BBM Information Card is also available in a print-ready format. Distribute cards throughout your church Sunday School and kid’s classrooms.
  • BBM Information Card – Print Ready
  • BBM Logo: Refer to the Artwork Guidelines below to use the BBM Logo in your own custom promotional materials.
  • BBM Logo
  • Artwork Guidelines: Please refer to these guidelines when creating any of your own BBM promotional materials.
  • READ ME! BBM National Artwork Guidelines

All PDF/JPG files will open for you to view online. To download, right-click (cntrl/click), and save to your desktop.